Vive La Revolution!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  I’m thrilled to share my first tutorial, “Quilt As You Go-Go, the 90 minute quilt“!  Send me pics of your 90 minute quilts, and feel free to share, but please credit me and link back to my site.

More to come soon – join the Quilt As You Go-Go revolution!

all my best,

Allison Lee, The Go-Go Quilter


2 thoughts on “Vive La Revolution!

  1. Allison, I wanted to share some love of your quilt design. A few friends from Myers Park UMC in Charlotte, NC created a quilt sewing ministry and one of our first projects included your quilt design. We created 24 beautiful quilts for an AGAPE children’s home in Armenia. One of our sewers embroidered all the names on the quilts, so that each child could have a special quilt of their own. So thank you for the encouragement to do this design for others. We plan to stock pile them, like the prayer shawl ministry, for when there is a child in need.
    Thank you for the inspiration!


    • Susan, thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m so excited to hear how you are using the tutorial and method to spread love and quilts – this is exactly what I created it for! I think it’s wonderful that each child has a personalized quilt. Again, I cannot thank you enough – it means the world. I’ll be publishing more tutorials in the new year that will hopefully continue to inspire. Take care and Merry Christmas!
      Allison Lee, The Go-Go Quilter


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